Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii

Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa in Hawaii

Location: Western side of Oahu, Hawaii

If you are looking for a brilliant fun- packed holiday that can offer you and your children a wide range of original activities, some well-deserved relaxing time along with some Disney Magic, then Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii has it all for you.

The Aulani Disney Resort and Spa has everything any holiday maker can dream of, with that special touch that only Disney can offer both to adults and children.

Set in a beautiful area on the Western side of Oahu, the big Hawaiian-style modern resort sits 21 acres of lush and exotic landscapes near the Ko Olina Beach. It is an ideal getaway and offers many facilities and amenities to spend fabulous stress free vacations.

Introduction and Accommodations

Needless to say that Disney has thought of everything! With a total of 460 Disney Vacation Club Villas available to the members and a further 359 beautifully decorated hotel rooms featuring all the necessary amenities, you will be more than pleased with the exceptional quality of the accommodations.

The resort is vast but at the same time, every attractions and facilities are within walking distance of your hotel rooms or family villas. The Aulani Resort boasts an exceptional range of amazing attractions including 4 fine restaurants and 2 lounges.

You can spend an afternoon relaxing in one of the 4 whirlpool spas at your disposal. Also, the resort park has two large and beautiful swimming pools. There is even an artificial lagoon, an inter tubing stream as well as more than 10 extra other facilities for adults and children.

The place has been designed to combines the magic of Disney with the beautiful unspoilt Hawaiian nature and reflect traditional culture and way of life of the Island.

Activities and Adventures

At the Aulani Disney Resort you will be literally spoilt for choice with a wide and original range of activities on offer. If you are an adult and want to go for the fun usual water activities that include scuba diving, surfing or jet skiing, the resort has everything ready for you.

If you have booked a family holiday, your kids will be delighted to spend fun time in the magnificent Waikolohe swimming pool. The luxurious 8,2000 square feet pool features amongst others a water slide as well as the famous “Rainbow Reef” which is a private lagoon and is a big hit at the Aulani Disney resort both with kids and adults.

You and your kids can even take a dive and share a swim with all kinds of tropical fish, or if you prefer you watch the beautiful lagoon from behind a safe glass case!

Another perk at the resort is definitely the marine life of the Makai Preserve where anyone is allowed to touch all sorts of tropical fishes. And come meal time, why not feed the fish including the famous placid Stingrays?

Enjoy Some Relaxing Time

For parents on holiday, enjoying some relaxing time is a must! At the Disney Aulani Resort, you can spend some leisurely time by the Wailana Pool whilst drinking cocktails and reading a good book!

Then, why not dip into one of the 4 luxury whirlpools at your disposal. Two of them have been designed so you can watch the sun set whilst bathing and enjoying the warmth of the Jacuzzi!

Experience the relaxing Hawaiian treatments and massages at the Spa! At the Aulani Resort, you will be more than spoilt for choice and all the treatments are done by certified professionals. Enjoy a deep tissue or full body massage whilst your children are being looked after!

Indeed, The Disney Aulani Resort has what is called “Aunty’s Beach House” where your kids can spend time watching Disney movies, playing video games or even have some fun playing and hanging out with the most famous Disney characters. The “Aunty’s Beach House” is fully staffed by professional supervisors!

Foods and Drinks

The most savoury authentic local foods are served at all the restaurant on the resort! Only the best quality fresh local ingredients are used and Gourmet cuisine is available at any of the 4 restaurants.

You are welcome to choose from traditional dining to buffet food. Fresh fish remain one of the number one specialities at the Aulani Resort, and if you want to, you can even decide to eat poolside and enjoy your meal or buffet with the best Hawaiian cocktails and tropical drinks.

The Disney Aulani Resort easily accessible from the main Honolulu Airport. You can choose to use the shuttle, book a taxi or arrive in style by booking one of the limousines!